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Although the word chai in India simply means “tea”, it has become synonymous
with the sweet, spiced, and milky tea known around the world. What is less known
are the many variations that exist in different regions of Indian as well as within individual kitchens. It usually comes down to the ratio and inclusion of particular spices, with everyone having their favorite version.

Our traditional “Masala” (spiced) chai is made with black tea and typical spices with an emphasis on ginger and cardamom. When we make our in-house concentrate, we like to add fresh ginger for that extra kick. Instructions are included in this box for how to prepare our Masala Chai a couple of different ways.

Healer’s chai is an herbal blend with a focus on adaptogenic herbs. The spices balance nicely with the addition of orange, and it’s a great way to unwind at the end of a long day when the mind and body are ready for relaxation.

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