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Make great tea

Brewing a fantastic cup of tea isn't difficult, and it starts with proper storage, water quality and temperature. Here are a few general basics:


  • Make sure your tea is stored away from heat, moisture, and exposure to light. If possible, use airtight stainless steel or glass containers.

  • Always brew your tea with fresh water—preferably spring or purified water. Avoid high levels of minerals or reheating the same batch of water.

  • Rolled teas and long leaf oolongs need room to expand. Avoid using small mesh infusers that don't allow for the tea to expand. A gaiwan is a great investment and will make a big difference with these types of tea.

  • To avoid bitterness, pay attention to amount of tea used, water temperature, and steeping time. White and green teas require cooler water than oolong and black and often have shorter steep times.

  • Herbal teas are the most forgiving to brew. They can steep for several minutes without becoming bitter. 


At the end of the day, tea is individual, and while there are some rules and guidelines out there, learn to gauge by doing what tastes right to you. Many teas can be resteeped multiple times, so we encourage you to do so, and note how the tea changes after each additional brew. Most importantly, take the time to enjoy your tea ritual, no matter how simple or elaborate you make it. 











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