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CAMPHIRE MINI (bag of 3)

CAMPHIRE MINI (bag of 3)


7g mini tea - bag of 3

Yunnan, China / white2tea 2024

smoky / woodsy / unique


A blend of shou puerh that's sent to a smokehouse in Tongmuguan Village in Fujian to be pine smoked by a veteran Lapsang smoker. The three-day smoking process occurs at temperatures from 100C to 120C in an old-style Lapsang smokehouse. This shou blend already had a camphor aroma disposition before being thrust into full-blown campfire territory. Soft, smooth soup and a forest floor backbone enveloped in pine smoke. This will likely be a love or hate tea for a lot of people, but if you're on the fence, give it a try. At the very least it will be a unique experience.

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