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5th WAVE MINI (bag of 3)

5th WAVE MINI (bag of 3)


7g mini - bag of 3

Yunnan, China / white2tea 2024

diner coffee / roasted / thick body


From white2tea:

A blend of several small batch ripe puerh teas fermented using our own material in Menghai. Sent to Fujian province to be charcoal roasted by hand by veteran Wuyi Yancha makers in late 2023 and pressed in early 2024 in Yunnan after a period of rest. People often ask us "what tea should I drink as a coffee drinker?" so we made an honest attempt at answering that question by fiddling around with our small batch shou puerh blending capabilities and then making a hybrid roasted tea with the help of our friends in Fujian. The results may not be beans, but considering our leaf-bound limitations, I'd say we could almost pass this off as shitty diner coffee. Thick-bodied and roasted with lingering bitterness. Try it grandpa-style with bacon and eggs, side of toast.

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