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50g bag
Mashiki, Kumamoto, Japan / May 2022
deep green leaves / woodsy / creamy / umami
Okuyutaka cultivar / steamed slightly longer than regular steaming but not as as much as fukamushi (deep steam)

Tamaryokucha (or guricha) leaves are not rolled into straight needles as you would see with finished senchas, but rather left slightly curled by skipping the last rolling step. The Tomizawa Tea Garden has over 85 years of tea farming history in the Kumamoto Prefecture, and they have produced many award-winning teas during that time. The family grows tea with a lot of sunlight and Kumamoto's natural groundwater, famous for its clean and beautiful taste. 

This kabusecha is shaded for 2 weeks before its early May harvest and utilizes the Okuyutaka cultivar for a deep green color and rich, umami flavor.

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