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HARLEQUIN RAW MINI - white2tea 2023

HARLEQUIN RAW MINI - white2tea 2023


7g mini ball

Yunnan, China / white2tea 2023

charred citrus / fresh cut melon / clover aromatics


A raw puerh blend that was sent to Fujian to be charcoal roasted by hand by veteran Wuyi Yancha oolong makers. A blend of 2022 raw puerh and roasted in late 2022 before being pressed in Yunnan in spring 2023. Complex flavors and clover garden aromatics. The roast of the charcoal has taken the edge off this young sheng blend and ramped up the fragrance and sticky mouthfeel. The character of this tea is almost like a dancong oolong, except with a better price tag.

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