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BAKERY BOX - Saturday May 25 (1-5 pm pickup)

BAKERY BOX - Saturday May 25 (1-5 pm pickup)


LOCAL PICKUP ONLY ON SATURDAY, MAY 25: Between 1-5 pm. Please plan to stop by during that time, we will not be contacting you for a pickup time.

IMPORTANT! No refunds will be given for boxes that were preordered and not picked up, so make sure to note the pickup information below and plan accordingly.

Box includes:

- Cardamom cookies

- Genmai rice krispie treat (gluten-sensitive)

- Honey Mochi cake with ube (gluten-sensitive)

- Thai Basil cookies

- Chocolate almond cake with Matcha moss (gluten-sensitive)

- Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie with almond/macadamia crust & coconut cream (gluten-sensitive)

- Rhubarb berry bar (gluten-sensitive)

- Matcha & Chocolate brownie

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