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CHARRING CROSS MINI - white2tea 2023

CHARRING CROSS MINI - white2tea 2023


7g mini ball
Yunnan, China / white2tea 2023
fig jam sweetness / roasted floral perfume


Old arbor sun-dried white tea from Yunnan sent to Fujian to be charcoal roasted by hand in Wuyi by veteran yancha oolong makers. Of all the newly released Wuyi roasted and smoked Yunnan teas, this is the one that caught the tea maker's attention more than any other, and not only because roasting a looseleaf Yunnan white tea is incredibly difficult and time consuming due to it's delicate nature. The fragrance and aroma burst forth from the outset with fig jam sweetness and an intense aroma. Unique and hypnotic, not to be missed!

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