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Beliefs, thoughts, and what not

Ok, we get it. This is where we explain our very complicated business philosophy.


Except it's not complicated. We love tea. So much that we drink it all the
time and forget how much we're consuming until we are wide awake at 3 am— still. thinking. about. tea. But we get up the next day and do it all over again.


During the 7 years that we ran our tearoom in Madison, Wisconsin, we learned a lot. But mostly that simplicity is where it's at. And people just want great tea that doesn't cost $50 an ounce. Seems reasonable.


So here we are. Keeping things simple. We love working with farms and producers who create beautiful teas with integrity and consistency. We want to offer fantastic matcha. With our tea blends it's important to use ingredients we can feel good about ingesting. Because everybody knows tea doesn't taste like bubble gum naturally, so why go there? We don't.


No fads. No excessive silly marketing. No miracle cure promises. Just great tea.
In short, we won't sell any tea that we wouldn't drink ourselves. We hope you enjoy our selections.


— Anthony & Rachel Verbrick

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